Wednesday 16 March 2011

Days 29-35: Farewell to Brisbane, hello to work.

Location: Small house in the countryside outside of Caboolture
Country: Australia
Day number: 36
Mood: Cheerful

Good morning all,

To start, I apologise for the lack of posting in this last week. To be completely honest, not that much interesting has happened, except for a couple of drunken nights with a bunch of people, meeting lots of people and trying to find work. On the bright side, work has now been found!

We start tomorrow tomato planting, which will be painful and slow at first (so we're told) but nonetheless, it's work. I'm staying with 3 others in a small cottage/house thing with an elderly couple. We're paying $140 a week rent, and we have twin rooms. So I'm in one room with a guy from Belgium called Jerome, and Jason and Pola, who are a couple from Taiwan, are in the other room.

Amazingly nice people. The further north I've gotten the more noticeable it is. Yesterday, Jerome and I fixed uop the computers of the couple we're staying with (he has a masters degree in computer science and works for a programming company back home. At the moment we've yet to find anything the other doesn't know O.o (except .NET programming, but really, who needs that...)) as thanks for having us.

Percy and Jenny (the couple) work on the farms too, but doing different things. Jerome brought a bike with him, and Percy has said that he's going to ask one of his friends if he can borrow a bike for me so Jerome and I can ride into the town and pick up supplies without needing to pay for transport. Good news for everyone, I keep in shape, I save money, I get to see the countryside! Woop!

It was good to finally move on from Brisbane, I was getting bored there. On the bright side, I met some amazing people and added most of them on Facebook so we can keep in touch.

Well, I might post once tomorrow, but internet here is scarce, I have no signal on my phone, so I think I'll be dropping off the grid for a few weeks. Anyway, the blog would be a little bit repetitive (Today: Planted Strawberries. Tomorrow: Planted more Strawberries) so I'll wait until after all the work (might do a once a week post) and then when I hit the east coast I'll have tonnes to write about!

Think that's all...

Hope everyone's well, be amazing,


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