Saturday 12 March 2011

Days 27, 28 and 29

Location: Brisbane (still >.<)
Country: Australia
Day number: 30
Mood: Exhausted

So, for the past two nights I've had 3 german tossers who insist on waking up regularly in the early hours of the morning, getting up, turning on the lights, having a chat, going out, coming in and generally being really rude and annoying room mates. After the 5th time it happened last night (at 5:30 AM) I turned over, told them to either shut up and stay here or go away and be noisy. They left.

But came back again 20 minutes later and did the same thing again.

I suppose it's nice knowing the staff here, the manager gave them a dressing down and told them if they ever wanted to stay at a YHA in Australia ever again they would learn to be a bit more polite to the other people in their room. Anyway, they've gone home today, not because of the bollocking, but it means (hopefully) I can have a good nights rest tonight.

So, job hunting is going poorly. I've been turned down for a further 4 jobs for lack of experience. Results apparently came out, but Mr Ford has yet to tell me what they were. The last I heard they were on their way to him from the exam office. That was... 3 days ago? Anyway, maybe they'll arrive home soon. Depending on just how awful they are I might just stay here. I could probably get a job here at the hostel.

Who am I kidding, I'm losing my mind here. At the moment I'm so busy trying to save money I'm not enjoying myself. And I'm still spending money.

Ah well, today marks a month of travelling! Woop! Also, I've passed a thousand page views... how scary is that? My thanks to every single person who's looked at this, and extra special love to everyone who devotedly reads my ramblings here every couple of days!

Right, days 27 and 28 were quiet, as I said, I've been trying to conserve money, so I've mainly been swimming, walking around the city and listening to the street performers, reading, working and just chilling out. I'm having some sort of extreme allergic reaction to some stuff in this country, and I've had to go and buy some strong anti histamines which don't seem to be having a massive effect. Fingers crossed it will get better soon.

St Patricks day celebrations currently going on around the city, so I'm going to go and join the party in the bar downstairs and have some guiness.

Hope everyone is well,


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