Saturday 19 March 2011

Days 36 and 37: Well this is quiet...

Location: Caboolture
Country: Australia
Day number: 38
Mood: Cheerful

So, strawberry planting doesn't start until tomorrow due to a lack of plants. The place that supplies them has currently had a tonne of storms, so they can't get the tractors into the fields to rip up the plants to send them here. Frustrating, but I'm currently earning some money doing some computer work. I've already earned 110 dollars, with a few of the strawberry farms all wanting websites! Talk about awesome.

Anyway, the people we're staying with are incredibly lovely. Yesterday they took us to see the Kangaroos in the wild and I have loads of pictures I'm going to upload. They've also lent me a bike, so me and my room mate can go cycling around the area. I must say, it's nice to get out of the city.

We went into Caboolture yesterday to get some shopping done, and I now have enough food to last me through to Thursday I think. Me and my room mate Jerome are splitting the cost of meat between us, means we can buy burgers and sausages for not very much.

There are so many different things in this country, so many interesting looking birds that fly around in the day time, geckos that crawl up the screen doors in the evenings, palm trees and ferns everywhere. It's nice to see a really different place. The amazing views are when you go past the hills and the trees and see the scrubland extending for miles upon miles. Just... emptiness. I wouldn't want to be lost out there.

Short and sweet for today, up at 5AM tomorrow to plant strawberries. Hopefully we can earn some money!

Hope everyone is well, have amazing days,


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