Thursday 10 March 2011

Days 25 and 26: Working, Winning, chilling and chatting

Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Day number: 27
Mood: Light headed

So, how scary is this, almost a month has passed since Heathrow airport. Also, we're very very close to a thousand page views! That's amazing, and I thank everyone who's had a little peek at this blog. Hopefully I can continue to be mildly interesting for a little longer.

Right, to start, I found a hat! It's a very nice hat aswell, and I've had many compliments on it. Fits me well, and I'm wearing it when I'm working as it's keeping the sun off my face. Afterwards, went out and bought dinner, then headed back again for the talk on cruises in the Whitsundays. There was quiz afterwards, which I thought was an entry to some lottery to possibly win a cruise in four years time if you fit the following criteria blah blah blah and entered it for a laugh, but ended up getting the questions right and winning it! I'm planning on going next Tuesday, so it's kinda knocked a sizable hole in my work finding plans, but I continue to search.

Met a canadian girl named Chantal, and it was good to have someone to talk to! Usually I was sat in the bars by myself cradling a pint and wondering if anyone would be willing to chat, so it was nice to have company. She's off to New Zealand, so I wish her the best in her travels. Hopefully I can find more people to talk to tonight!

So, day 26 was quiet, trying to save money (not going so well). Did my two and a half hours work as usual, fixed a computer; do you think I should put up posters advertising computer fixing services? Lots of people with netbooks around here, maybe some of them need virus removal and stuff. Worth a shot I suppose.

I need to get traveling again. I know it will cost me more, but I'm running out of things to do in Brisbane, and I don't want to get stuck into a regular rhythm here. Today is Thursday I believe, so just the weekend and a couple more days and then I'll be off to the Whitsundays, and after that I might go to Cairns. The Whitsundays are near Mackay though, which is where Mike suggested I look for mining work. Something to think about.

I need to go get some more money and then buy some food. When I was bored yesterday I hacked the computers in the hostel to give me full admin rights. Maybe the owners would be willing to pay them to show them their security flaws? Or possibly fine me for misuse of the computers.

Hope everyone is well.


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