Wednesday 2 March 2011

Day 19: Arriving in Sydney

Hello all,

The bus journey was uneventful, except for another awful bus driver... are all the drivers in Australia incapable of starting and stopping a car or is it just the ones Greyhound employs? Sent off an email to Clare yesterday asking her if she knew anyone who could offer me work, and I really appreciate her taking the time to ask some of her mates. She's also given me a couple of links for work, which I'm checking out now. I might stay in Sydney for 3 nights instead of two, just because I don't have enough info to know which direction I should head in next.

I think I'll head to Mackay or Rockhampton and work in the mines, but it's a two day journey away. For now, I'm not quite sure what to do. Check out these links is primary, then I'll stay here for an extra night, and head to Brisbane the day after. From Brisbane I can continue north...

Well, it's a tentative plan anyway! It's good to be moving.

So, Sydney; first impressions. Melbourne was graffiti, Canberra was cleanliness, here it's... disparity. We drove past places that can be described as nothing but slums. I haven't hit the downtown of the city today (that's today), but it's not a cheerful looking city. Hopefully my opinion will change today.

So, bag onto my back, map in hand, I'm off into the city.

Hope everyone is well,


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