Thursday 3 March 2011

Day 20: Sydney

Finally, more interesting things to talk about! I'm traveelliiiiing once more!

So, Sydney, I've been proven wrong. Took a stroll down the main thoroughfare and had some amazing noodles from a small place for next to nothing. I'm loving how cheap you can get great food here. I needed to eat, seeing as I had forgotten to eat the day before... how do I manage to forget to eat!? It's crazy. Ah well, I'm fed now.

The first place I went was the opera house... amazing looking thing, I took some pictures and they should have appeared in the Picasa album. I hope they look ok, I'll need to check them after I finish writing this.

After the Opera House, I took a look at the government buildings and the library before chasing up an advert I found on the back of the map I had picked up from the Hostel which gave me almost half price tickets for attractions. (Try saying that quickly). So, off I went to the Aquarium, which was nice, but not worth the $35 they usually charged. Good thing it cost me $17.50 then. Some really cool things in there to be honest, never seen sharks that close before, nor a sting ray that huge! Included piccies :)

After that I headed back to the Hostel, and found a guy who was staying in the same room as me but was having trouble with his iPhone and couldn't get it to turn on (he needed to call his friends). Took me 12 seconds to fix. Karma was cheerful to me afterwards, giving me free laundry from a good looking girl who was up there who I had chatted to previously (she had the master key to turn it on) and getting an email back from Amiens Berry Farm with a possibility for work. Yay! Oh, and the good looking girl behind the counter gave me 24 hours with of internet for free, worth 30 bucks or something. Do something nice for people, it pays well.

So, I've decided to fly up to Brisbane. The coach was 15 hours and cost $139, whereas the plane is costing me $112 and will take an hour. While the length of time isn't a huge issue, it's the arriving at 5 in the morning which is a pain.

I've sent off a Facebook post to Cat (John's sons wife) asking if I can crash on their couch for a night, but as I've had no response, I've booked myself into a hostel for Saturday night. If Cat responds, I can always cancel. I've asked Amiens for a number to call so I can discuss work... they're 2 hours from Brisbane, so fingers crossed for me people!

Last night was really nice, I ventured out to find some food and looked at one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen for a long, long time. I took a closer look at the birds flying around the buildings, and noticed with shock they were bats. How surreal is that? Wish I could have taken a picture but had left my phone in the room, awful timing!

And after some advice from the staff here (who are all amazing), I swung by a small Thai place and got given a Pad Thai for about 6 pounds, with enough to feed two. In fact, I'm off to heat up the second half for my lunch today in a little bit.

Well, my cruise around Sydney Harbour starts in a few hours (the second half of my Aquarium thingy) and I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Remember to keep fingers crossed for me regarding work, I'm counting on y'all!

Hope everyone is well,


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