Tuesday 1 March 2011

Days 17 and 18: Farewell to Canberra

So, I'm writing this as I pack to leave Mike and Cathy's and prepare to head to Sydney. Tickets are booked, Visa has arrived, and I'm looking forward to getting moving again. One thing I will miss here is the amazing coffee they have here which I've been drinking each morning. I'm going to drink my instant coffee tomorrow morning and cry a little.

Loaded up my PSP with fresh movies for the bus journey. I had watched all of mine, but Mike and Sam had a large collection I could pick and choose from. Conveniently they were all in the correct format (same as an iPod).

I digress. Last couple of days have been very quiet. We went out to dinner, but nothing travelly or overly interesting for a travel blog! Hopefully by getting going again I'll have tonnes to write here and this will become a more interesting read once more. Not to say I didn't enjoy my time here, Canberra is a lovely city, and I like it a lot. And I've had some great company here, I'm indebted to all who have let me stay with them for free.

More interesting fun things to follow tomorrow hopefully! Off to Sydney.

Hope everyone is well.


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