Saturday 1 November 2014

Cemeteries and chilling out

I seem to have picked up a minor throat infection, which has delayed my plans somewhat for moving onwards to El Calafate. So, while I'll endeavour to continue to write every two days, this blog may get even more dull than usual!

After returning from Montevideo and catching the metro through Buenos Aires ( which is in itself a challenge. The Buenos Aires city council apparently didn't think to put the names of the stations anywhere except for the platform, so I found myself looking at the map on the wall looking for a station called "entradas" - Spanish for ticket office) I ended up at the Che Lagarto in Buenos Aires. Quite disappointed actually, Che Lagarto are a chain of hostels through South America, and I've been impressed by their continued friendly staff, clean rooms and good locations. However, in BA, they seem to have forgotten how to do all that and ended up being just another mediocre hostel.

I proceeded out into the city, dodging the rain where I could, to the famous cemetery - Cementario de la Recoleta. Here, entombed in extravagant marble and stained glass are some of the famous ex presidents, generals and wealthiest members of Argentina's citizens. I was surprised by how extravagant some of the tombs were; I mistook them at first for chapels.

Also shocking was just how many were vandalised: doors broken, windows smashed, trash thrown inside. I didn't take any pictures of this, or the coffins that were so obviously displayed to the world. After the baby-sized coffin however, I stopped looking.

For now though, it's wining and dining on steak and other Argentinian delicacies (more steak). The exchange rate, aided by Argentina's recent default, has made this country a ridiculously cheap place to visit. A full meal for one with a drink will cost about £10, and I don't mean a small meal. My friends at home can attest to how much I eat out!

Right, rest and relaxation for me now, I need to get better. Heading south to El Calafate on Wednesday, can't wait to finally be able to use my jacket again after lugging it in the bottom of my bag for 2 weeks!

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