Thursday 30 October 2014


Despite a collection of unfortunate events, my trip to Uruguay has been notably brightened by several small things. A great plate of juicy pork chops, Augustine (one of the people who works at the Montevideo Che Lagarto hostel) spending 90 minutes on the phone with the bus and boat companies to sort me out a ticket back to Buenos Aires, and a very friendly bus company attendant who spoke perfect English and helped me find my way to the correct location early in the morning.

I was quite surprised to find it almost impossible to find any news on yesterdays storm. It was apparently big enough to take out a bridge (though I suspect this was exaggerated, I certainly couldn't see any damage this morning en route to Colonia) and the roads turned into rivers, but Uruguay seems utterly without any form of news agency that has a website. The Guardian's 'Uruguay breaking news' section was last updated in June, and of course the bus and boat companies were neglecting to update their twitter or facebook accounts.

Ah well, apart from getting very wet, it didn't go too badly. Once I realised I wouldn't be able to get back to BA, I hightailed it back to the hostel and very luckily managed to get the last bed in the place. Words cannot begin to describe how happy I am that I didn't have to shell out for another hotel spot! Uruguay was incredibly expensive, for the three days I was there it has cost me almost 9 days worth of budget. I'm very glad to be back in Buenos Aires now, where everything is much cheaper!

The plan now is to eat, sleep, relax and start hitting up the museums around here. I have a need for some culture and intellectual stimulation. Short post today, but hopefully in 2 days time I'll be full of interesting factoids about Argentina, if a Halloween party doesn't kill me that is.

Happy Halloween to all of you!


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