Friday 6 May 2011

Days 84-88: Just cruisin'

Location: Just south of Townsville
Country: Aus
Day number: 89
Mood: Neeeeeeeed cooffeeeeee (Also known as zombie Andy)

So, apologies for the 4 day gap, I was out at sea! Wahooo! But I'll get to that in a moment.

I last left you on the highway to Mackay, so I'll pick up from there. We headed into Mackay, bought some supplies, and then headed for a small beach called Blacks Beach. Didn't stay too long, but I managed to mistime my pasta draining and poured my lunch all over the floor. Woops. We decided to keep moving towards the Whitsundays, as we wanted to spend as much time there as possible. So, Jerome and Cecile booked themselves onto a 2 day, 2 night cruise and we headed north. We arrived in Airlie Beach a few hours later, after our van seemed to lose the last of it's shock absorbers (Remember the national park? Yeah.)

At Airlie Beach, we finally snapped and paid for a place to stay for the night. There was absolutely no where to camp for free. Not surprising really, as the town was infested with camper vans. Previously to Airlie Beach, we saw about 1 Jucy Campa a day. In Airlie Beach, I kid you not, we saw 30. Anyway, Jucy had a deal with the local Camping place so we could all stay for a fiver each. Not bad for hot showers, toilets, a kitchen and washing machines.

First day, Jerome and Cecile waved good bye and took off for the marina, and Aya and I headed into town for some shopping. Well, neither of us bought anything as we were too skint, but we looked. We wandered around for a while and then went to somewhere called 'The Lagoon'. It was a massive free to use public swimming pool that wouldn't look out of place at a 5 star hotel. It was gorgeous. We both swam for a while, then sun bathed. Basically, it was a lazy day.

The next day we headed to the nearby national park and found some nice waterfalls to look at. We had a bit of a hike and then sunbathed some more. It was nice.

After sleeping in the camping place again, we woke up at stupid o clock to pack up the van and get ready for our cruise. Aya had decided to pay the money and come with me (remember the cruise I won for free back in Brisbane?) so we both left the van in the Lagoon parking lot for Jerome and Cecile, and then proceeded down to the docks where our boat was waiting. It was a lovely ex racing yacht called Siska, and even though they crammed more people into it than I thought was right, we still had a great time. I have the route on my pictures, and we had an amazing time sailing. It was so nice to be out on the water again, and I even helped them sail back after our deck hand had to transfer to another boat which was fun.

Oh, quick edit. I decided to pay the 50 dollars and go scuba diving. I can officially say it was awesome and diving on the great barrier reef is amazing. Wish I could have taken piccies but my camera doesn't work under water!

Right, I'll leave it there. I desperately need a cup of coffee, so I'm off to get one. Hope everyone is well, be amazing like usual!


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