Monday 2 May 2011

Days 82-84: Inland

Location: Approaching Mackay
Country: Australia
Day number: 84
Mood: Not feeling great actually...

Heya all. So, I last left you after our lovely stop at that little rest area on the Bruce Highway. The next day, we headed up the coast on a little tourist drive, and Jerome and I launched ourselves towards the ocean. The girls decided not to come in, but we dived through the waves for half an hour or so and decided we really needed to buy a boogie board. It's on the to do list.

After that we headed to a little town called Keppon, and then headed back to Rockhampton for the night. There, we found a truck stop/gas station which had hot showers, a place to camp, everything. While we were there Jerome asked one of the truckers how they knew where the good spots were, and they pulled out with aplomb a 'Truckies Atlas' which listed every hot shower and free to stay gas station in the country.

Yes, we bought one.

I've decided to start making a website listing all of the free spots to stop for backpackers. Obviously it's quite hard to put together a website when we're on the road, so it'll have to wait until the road trip finishes, but I think it could be really useful to future travellers.

The next day, Cécile's Lonely Planet book advised us to head for a national park which had some amazing views. Wow, in short. We took plenty of pictures, and I know I keep saying it, but the cameras just sucked at capturing the view... we could see for at least a hundred kilometres into the distance. We climbed over some rocks to stand on top of the waterfalls, and we have plenty of pictures to upload. Working on a better way to upload them, possibly will stop into an internet café or something.

After a long drive out of the national park, down to Emerald, we decided to head to a small town called Clermont for the evening (thank you again Atlas) for the evening. And now, we're on our way to Mackay, fun eh?

Hope everyone is well, next post will be from the Whitsundays. Be amazing!


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