Thursday 28 April 2011

Days... Something. Roadtrip.

Location: Just south of Hervey Bay
Country: Aus
Day number: Something
Mood: Happy!

So, we're currently driving along the road up to Hervey Bay... I'm sat in the passenger seat, using Jeromes laptop to type (Annoying Belgium keyboard!), Aya and C├ęcile are in the back, the sun is setting in the west, sending red rays shooting across the wide open sky. Teenage Dream by Kay Perry is blaring on the radio, and we're all incredibly happy. Roadtrip!

So, planting finally finished, and we set off in our bright green and purple van. Words cannot describe just how awesome this is, and our pictures just don't do it justice. Today we stood on top of the Carlo Sandblow, gazing out onto the flood plain below on one side and the ocean on the other. Yesterday we walked along the beach, paddling in the water, the day before that we were at wet and wild.

At Wet and Wild, there was a huge ride called Aqualoop. Basically, you're put into a pod, they count down and then the floor slides out. You drop down, do a loop de loop and then slide out into the pool below. Amazing fun, but I successfully managed to slice my back open. Woops.

The weather hasn't been kind, with wind and rain every day. Hopefully it'll improve soon, it certainly hasn't dampered our spirits. We're parking in service stations, rest areas, behind petrol stations, all sorts for sleep. Australia has public showers and barbeques which is really convenient and saves us a ton of money. Already we've driven 850 kilometres, how scary is that?!? Slowly making our way to Cairns.

The sunset is seriously beautiful. Some of the views we've seen are just jaw dropping, but our cameras just can't capture the pictures... They can just stay in our memories.

Well, I'll leave it at that for now, hopefully I can keep it updated every other day now, seeing as I'm actually doing interesting things now!

Hope everyone is well, be super awesome as always,



  1. Annoying Belgium keyboard... hahahahaha
    When I read at the point, I laughed alon in my room. :-) You must enjoy your trip. It looks awesome. I wish I could take a trip with you. :-(
    I'll expect your next story. ★ from soonim.

  2. Hehe, yeah, I'm using Aya's laptop today to avoid that cursed thing! Trip is amazing, thank you! Hope Strawberry de leafing is going ok for you!