Saturday 16 April 2011

Day 58-68: 2 months and counting!

Location: Sitting on Aya's bed, using her Macbook
Country: Australia
Day number: 68
Mood: Cheerful!

Right, to start, as I seem to be doing more and more these days, I'm sorry for not posting for so long! It's been incredibly busy, and when we've not been busy we've been exhausted from being busy. Well, only 9 days until we leave for our roadtrip! It's going to be amazing!

So, last 10 days... after my video blog, we changed our mind again about where we're going. We're going north to the very top, and then we'll head to Townsville, where we'll leave Cecile (boot her out of the side door while we're driving along or something :P )

It's starting to get cold, and I'm debating buying myself a jumper or a coat. While it's summer for you guys, we're heading into Winter here! Aya and I are now planning on staying here and working until February, at which point we'll start our round Asia trip. Of course, all subject to change, but the latest plan is to go into Europe for a bit, then hit India up, then return to Australia, at which point I'll head to South America, work my way north, then across to Toronto, see the family, and then return to England for University. Well, we'll have to see. My passport expires in 2 years, so I don't know if I have to return home for that... I hope not.

Aya and Soon-im now live here with us, and they seem a bit more cheerful because of it. Aya is teaching me Japanese, and I'm starting to learn the characters (Hiragana), we'll see if I can get good enough to have conversations soon!

What else is new... Hmm... The woman we're living with drove over top of our boss's dog, which was a really stupid move really. Dog bit me when I tried to pick him up (the other dogs were trying to help and he bit them, so they were attacking him). Well, I should have known better than to try and pick him up. He's still at the vets, and current bills have already topped 7 thousand dollars. Woops. We all hope he recovers...

I have a beautiful girlfriend, and I'm still finding it highly surreal. Very happy though! She's currently reading this over my shoulder trying to get better at reading English, it's getting better every day. I think I need to buy one of those pocket Japanese <-> English dictionaries, for both of us. When you're asked to translate something like 'common sense', or rather, describe it, you really realise how difficult it is! Wikipedia and the Oxford English Dictionary online has been a real help.

I really hope I can earn a bit more money before we leave. It's been raining down in Victoria, so the plants have bee delayed... then again, I (along with all of the planters) are utterly sick and fed up of planting. It's painful, it's repetitive and it pays awfully. At first, my determination to be the fastest planter kept me going, then muttering the Outward Bound motto, but now it's just boring, and once I find something boring... well, you guys back home will know just how quickly I can lose interest in a subject.

Well, the other annoying thing is that we were told we could earn up to 450 dollars a week if we worked fast. We've worked fast, but the woman who hired us hired too many people, so the money available is diluted between 40 people. We should have had about 28 (the farmers here have said that previous years had that number...) so I've been earning about 200 a week. Rent is 140. Frustrating. Well, I'm hoping to do this website work for this nearby farmer tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Might be able to earn some money...

Right, that's about it from out here! Hope everyone back home is awesome, take care of yourselves!


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