Sunday 6 March 2011

Day 22: Arrival in Brisbane

Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Day number: 22
Mood: Tired

So, after waking up and having a cup of coffee, I ventured out into Sydney for the last time to find some lunch. Mardi Gras was in full swing, with streets closed off and plenty of people in drag adorning the streets. Most of the shops were closed, which was frustrating, seeing as it was a Saturday, so I was forced by time limits to stop in at a KFC and eat fast food. It wasn't all that bad actually, but possibly tasted better as I was so hungry.

I returned to the hostel in time to catch the Airport Bus, and checked in, no issues. Security was easy (no queues, which was nice) and the plane was delayed of course. But no matter, I arrived at Brisbane and the first thing I noticed was how cheerful people are here... as in, seriously nice. The woman at the train ticket office was incredibly friendly, gave me directions to the hostel for after I arrived at Brisbane Central, and today at the supermarkets the woman was very amiable... It's nice.

Gave Cat a ring, no answer. Not sure if she's avoiding me or whether she's put her phone down and forgotten to check it (again). She was always doing that in Melbourne.

Very warm here in Brisbane. Even when it's cloudy I'm starting to sweat. I really need to find myself a wide brimmed hat, but have been so far unsuccessful. I'll ask one of the staff at the Hostel about it I think.

The hostel is very nice. Swimming pool on the roof... in fact, I'm planning on going for a swim in a minute after I write this. I need a shower too... probably after swimming though.

Another thing about Brisbane is the wind! It looks like an awesome place to go sailing, I might venture down to the ocean side and see about renting a little boat for a few hours. Shame everything's so damned expensive here.

Still looking for work. Fingers crossed I can find something soon. I'm scouring all the websites I can find, and will make some phone calls today. Still yet to meet anyone my age.

Hope everyone is well, new photos are in the album.


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