Friday 4 March 2011

Day 21: Cruisin'

Location: Sydney
Country: Australia
Day number: 21
Mood: Thoughtful

So, yesterday was nice. It was good to be at sea again. Started with your typical breakfast... AKA coffee. Managed to get some milk from a nice girl who was in the kitchen at the time, so it was an extra lovely coffee! After heating up my leftover pad Thai (which was still lovely) I proceeded to take a leisurely walk down to the wharf where the cruise left from.

I won't waste too many words on the cruise, as there are plenty of pictures in the album which say it better than I could here. It was lovely though, I got sunburnt though :(

And today means I have been travelling for 3 weeks and one day. Where on earth has the time gone? I have still yet to meet a single person my age here in Australia except for Johns kids. All of the travellers seem to be older, which kind of sucks really. Hopefully that'll change soon.

Stopped off for Wagamama after the cruise, and once I totalled up the whole days expenditures it came to about $50. That's about 30 pounds on a day when I treated myself several times... my average cost per day is closer to 10 pounds (not including accommodation though sadly).

No response from the work guys, going to try and find phone numbers today. Desperately need work.

Hope everyone is well,


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