Sunday 13 February 2011

Days 1 and 2: The flight

Well, where do I start? Heathrow was kinda typical, I turned on the charm for the young lady at check in and she let me take my slightly too big bag onto the plane as carryon. <3

Singapore Airlines: Can't rate them highly enough. The flight was long, but the food was excellent (I had Sezchaun Chicken (Badly spelt I think there)) and some sort of seafood dish for breakfast. I went with the Asian food instead of the bangers and eggs... not really an egg person though.

I was constantly topped up with wine and water, sadly Chardonnay and Sauv Cab, but I suppose they need to leave some temptation for Business Class eh?

So, I got into the airport at stupid O clock, getting no sleep at all on the plane. The airport is freakin' weird. Arrivals, Departures, some sort of shopping mall, a free Internet area (I'm writing from one of the laptops there now), a free 3D movie area (How to Train your Dragon at the moment) all rolled into one. As said, strangest airport I've ever been in.

Hotel was quiet, didn't get a huge amount of sleep but I got a few hours. Better than nothing I suppose. Stupidly overpriced, the gits in the email wrote it in such a way I thought it was 55 ish Dollars. (It was 82). Now to find an HSBC cashpoint, find how much that card transaction cost me.

Well, Starbucks calls, then some breakfast for me. Then back over to Terminal 3 for my flight in... 3 hours or so. Will write something either from Melbourne airport or Johns house next. Will upload some pictures too.




  1. Hey, don't diss the cab sauv. It's a very yummy, reasonably-priced red! Hope you good. Xx

  2. That's what she said *snigger*
    Well, I've had some lovely Hardy's ones when they've been on offer at Sainsbury's.