Monday 14 February 2011

Day 3: Melbourne

Just arrived at the Hostel in Melbourne. Nice place. Have been awake for about 54 hours solid now, no idea why I can still walk... anyway, I'll hit the bed soon.

Turns out the hostel is using some sort of fake windows over the top of real windows so I can't access my usual internet programs... like that will take me long to crack. Anyway, will leave it like this for now, maybe tomorrow morning.

Singapore Airlines was again stunning, the cabin crew are all stunningly pretty and stupidly courteous, I'm really glad I managed to find that ticket. Was lucky with people sat next to me too, no smelly ones! :D

Tomorrow I need to figure out some way of ringing John, fingers crossed I can, or I'm staying here for a second night. Need to debate cooking for myself tomorrow morning or venturing out to find some cheap coffee and bagel place or summat.

Forgot to say that in Changi, they had Xbox 360's for free use... crazy Singaporians! Gotta love it though.

Right, short 'n sweet tonight... let's see if Ican get any sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.


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