Saturday 3 March 2012

Hampi; Just a short one today.

So, I'll back up a little to Arambol again.

Aya was quite sick, so we took a loss on the tickets and stayed in Arambol an extra two nights. Not too much happened, except for a tourist going way too fast, missing the turn, missing me by a foot and slamming into a homeless woman and crushing her against the wall.

I would like to put in writing how disgusted I am with the doctor who's office is underneath Chilli's Guest House for how he acted. He walked out, saw she was homeless, saw she had no money, so turned and walked back inside.

But on to nicer things. The keyboard I'm using is insanely awful, so this won't be as detailed as I like. Sleeper buses. Great in concept, don't take them. The trains are wonderful to sleep on. The buses are noisy, bumpy, freezing cold and did I mention bumpy? Every turn I was slammed against the bars and every bump jerked me back awake. Still, it was a direct way from Goa to Hampi, so any followers can decide themselves. It was clean, and we stopped often for toilet/food/chai breaks (no toilet on bus).

This keyboard is so bad!!

Hampi. WOW. Temples hundreds of feet tall surrounded by rocks, broken ruins, amazing sunsets and thousands of monkeys (one of whom stole my water bottle yesterday). We joined a bicycle tour lead by a guy named Chandra, who took us across most of the sites, explaining the history and the statues inside. 6km trip, which was worth it, followed by a lunch break and then the evening section where we saw an awesome sunset and I got some great pictures.

Just a brief one as I said, I can't stand typing on this thing any longer. Pictures are very hard to upload, but I'm working on it. Would anyone be willing to upload them for me if I mailed a CD with them on to them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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