Tuesday 7 February 2012

Kuala Lumpur!

So, this would be attempt numero uno at the whole Malaysia thing. We're not really in the country, just in that slight limbo stage that we call the airport. The flight was fantastic, I was truly not expecting that from a budget airline. Flickering thoughts of Ryanair and Easyjet crossed my mind, haunting shadows of flights that required you to make a run for the aircraft if you didn't want a space in between two smelly people, meals that cost 23 quid and tasted like cardboard and call centers where the answering phrase is "Hello, customer care, go fuck yourself!" to quote Russell Howard. Good clip.

Anyway, Air Asia had the service of a first class cross atlantic trip, and atmosphere of a party (it was one gentlemen's birthday, so they started playing birthday songs over the comm's after dedicating them to him, really very sweet) and food that was crazy cheap! We were hungry, so peeked over the menu, expecting a good laugh at the prices and then to look forlornly at our rumbling stomachs, and just about died from the price of the snacks. A pound. For half of the snacks. Meals were about 4 pounds. On an airline!! The shock set in and I missed the first chance to order, but they were more than happy to oblige an out of time order. Score!

So, I'm sat here in Kuala Lumpur Airport with Aya, well, I say the airport, it's actually the AirAsia terminal, which I only figured out a few minutes ago. Up to that point, I thought the entire airport was the size of a small warehouse (and looked like one), had no jet ways and only catered to AirAsia. The other airport is over the other side of the complex.

But no jetways here! You have not seen a funnier site until you see a tour group of Americans get their ticket stamped and then thrust out of the doors onto the tarmac like the start of the grand national. Some jogging, some quick walking, a few waddles, all in all a race of pure joy to watch. They're not in any danger, all of the staff seem pretty alert, but the panic in their eyes when they're pushed out that door is just priceless. I hope this doesn't come out as seeming too cruel, I'm kidding of course.

There aren't any Americans here.

Anyway, moving on, Aya and I just polished off a tray of steaming hot Dim Sum, and she's gone off in search for more. I'm going to try and keep this blog a bit better updated than I did back when it was the Australia tour, fingers crossed! Obviously in some of the countries I'm visiting Facebook is blocked (*cough*China*coughcough*) along with blogspot, where this is hosted, so I'll make hand held notes and update the blog later.

That's all for now. The flight to Singapore leaves in about 2 hours, so we're just chilling out. Quite a nice change to be back travelling. Already have some great pictures. In Malaysia, women only have one leg. You'll see, I'll include the picture later.

Tell your friends to come read my blog and lavish jealous comments on how they're stuck in *insert country of residence here*!


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