Friday 10 February 2012

Final night in Singapore

It's late, so this may be a tad shorter than the previous ones. I hope I don't forget too much.

To start, a catch up on the things I've forgotten over the last couple of days. The first awkward moment was when a security officer almost sprinted over to me and gave me a stern talking too after I walked into a train station drinking a bottle of water. After multiple repeated apologies and looking suitably ashamed, the guard relented and allowed me to continue without the customary $500 fine. I guess the fact I was a tourist swung in my favour, but still, whoops.

What else? We were told multiple times that Singapore was like the west, expensive and clean. Well, I can say that the people who said that visited the CBD and not much else. No matter where we have looked, if you duck down an alleyway or drop to the basement section of a shopping mall, small 24 hour food courts are everywhere. Stuff yourself full of some fantastic (and some awful) food for a pittance. Yesterday in Chinatown we filled up on food costing S$2.50, though it wasn't great, and today found a small food court under a large shopping centre on Orchard Street which gave me some of the best tasting char sieu noodles I have every tasted. So good! $3.50. If this is expensive, the rest of Asia must be dirt cheap.

The room cost quite a bit though, I do admit. We arrived back today to find an incredibly apologetic manager scared to death we would be furious at them after the health inspectors found an ants nest on the roof above our room and ordered an immediate extermination. They didn't have my phone number, so they were forced to take all of our things from the room. After assuring the manager we were fine with the change in room, he apologised some more, thanked us for our understanding and helped us to the new one. Pretty much the same as the old one really, but I was too tired to ask for an upgrade. Should have done really, in hindsight. Meh.

Today we splashed out a little and took the elevator to the top of Marina Bay Sands. For those of you flicking through my photo's, it's this one:

$20 was a little steep, but worth every cent. The views were gorgeous, and when the sun set, I think I died a little. Possibly the perfect sunset, with rays of sun exploding from behind the clouds to illuminate the skyline. We have many, many pictures which will be uploaded as soon as my camera battery recharges. Aya had to take over picture duty of the light show from the shore, which was every bit as spectacular as we had been expecting.

Before that, we had gone on a search for Anti Malaria tablets and a sleeping bag liner for Aya. I can confirm a place to purchase them for any other intrepid travellers, jump on the North East Line up to Novena, then into the shopping centre, Square A, floor 2, look for Outdoor Life. They sell them. This seems to be something missing from the Internet, so I just thought I should throw that out there.

Our Anti Malarials got quoted at 70 cents for a Doxycycline tablet and $8.20 for a Malarone. Seeing as we needed almost 3 months of the things, it was a difference of over $600, so we went with the Doxy. Aya squirmed a little as I read through the pros and cons of each, and has threatened to boycott the Doxy if it gives her stomach aches. I don't think she listened to me when I told her you can't buy Malarone in India. Ah well. We loaded up on everything the Pharmacy had (not enough) and then proceeded onwards to the sleeping bag liner. I seem to be doing this post in reverse chronological order, probably because of the time.

One other thing I forgot to say was the underground street dancers. In an underpass that leads towards an underground shopping mall which in turn leads to City Hall MRT station, there is a largeish open area, and everytime we have walked through it there have been anywhere between 1 to 50 people in there dancing. Everything from the Salsa to breakdancing, some people being taught, others showing off. It's such an amazing thing to see teenagers doing, something I doubt we'd ever see at home.

Finally for now, I would like to stress the joy of walking outside in this city, I have never felt so safe in my life. The restaurants spill onto the sidewalks, and the speakers set up in the front pulse jazz and blues onto the city. Everyone around seems to be sat on the tables outside, drinking with friends and eating finger food. Such a relaxing sort of atmosphere, a very friendly place to walk.

I think that's all, I'm sure about 5 minutes after I publish this I'll curse softly as I remember something I wanted to say. Hopefully I can remember it still tomorrow after the flight. Please keep fingers crossed for us that the taxi driver will take us to the right hotel!

India tomorrow. Scary thought. Nervous excitement really. Looking forward to veg-ing on a beach for a few days in Goa. Hee hee hee.

Night all, leave me a comment letting me know how y'all are.


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