Thursday 9 June 2011

Days something: Posting from my tablet.

So, I know it's been a while since I last blogged. I'll do my best to keep this updated, but I've been sick and then had a few days of internet-less me. Anyway, I'm posting this from my new galaxy tab, so please forgive me if it flows worse than the usual computer written post.

So, last time I left you I was in Melbourne. Wow... Basically, after the football game, we had one final day in Melbourne before waving farewell to Olivia and Evan and heading south to the Mornington Peninsula. We drove along until Aya spotted her beach huts she wanted to take a picture of, and I wrote Aya is Beautiful in the sand to make up for the failed attempt half way along the Great Ocean Road. (Curse you tide!!). We failed to get off from Melbourne that day, but proceeded to return to my family's place for one final night. The next morning, we managed to set off earlier (10 versus 1 I believe) and headed down to Phillip Island. The fog was thick, so we could see next to nothing, and everything on the island cost an arm, a leg and your firstborn son to view, so we decided against it and started to head back when I pointed out the Pelican feeding (free!).

After Phillip island we proceeded to the snowy mountains. I just lost half of my post because of this stupid app I'm using, so I'll finish this tonight.
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