Monday 23 May 2011

Days 103, 104 and 105. Adelaide.

Location: Parnka Point, Cooyong National Park, South Coast.
Country: Australia
Day number: 106
Mood: Cheerful

Good morning y'all, or whichever time of the day it is for you wherever you are. After I last left you we were approaching Adelaide, and the final section of the drive was rather uneventful. We spent one night in a little town called Port Augusta, which had a pleasant main street... they had loudspeakers on the sides of the buildings piping the radio onto the street. Was quite a nice idea actually, made the street seem a little more vibrant. I, after a month long drought, finally snapped and bought a six pack of Tiger beer, which I've been slowly enjoying over the last few days and which I will continue to enjoy.

I'm currently listening to Nitin Sawhney, after I decided I missed my music at home too much, remotely connected to my laptop back home, and set most of my music to ftp up to my server in London so I could listen to it from here. Gotta love modern technology eh?

So, we arrived in Adelaide and headed towards the Nomads of the city, which was a small place called the Travellers Inn. It had a very B&B kinda feel, very homely. It was nice, until we had a ton of idiots outside the van in the parking lot until stupid o clock, swearing, smoking and drinking. We decided to move on, and went and stayed at a truck stop the next night. Yes, it was quieter.

When we arrived in Adelaide, we proceeded to the Central Markets, which were a hustle of noise, smells and sights. I bought myself an apple and happily munched it while we wondered through the area, trying (and failing) to resist spending money. We headed home early. While I would have been happy to head to a bar and buy a drink, our money reserves are on the verge of empty, so we kind of need to save our cash for fuel and food.

The next day, Jerome headed off to watch a movie while Aya and I decided to go walking around the city. Neither of the other two like museums, so I decided not to go to the several around the city and just keep Aya company instead. We found a wonderful little cafe though, where we enjoyed a coffee and Aya bought herself a pizza. My thing that I've bought this week is a little Japanese to English Dictionary/Phrase Book which was on sale. I really want to work harder at learning this language!

The weather turned foul as we left the city (it's raining right now in fact), leaving some beautiful rainbows curving across the sky. Something I haven't seen so much anywhere else. Full rainbows, not just parts of them, clear and bright in the sky... very pretty.

As I was saying though, we decided to drive down along the coast, and we stopped in a little town to look in a board shop I wanted to check out, before we headed along the Princes Highway (which we're driving along now). It drives along the ocean, and eventually leads to the Great Ocean Road, which we're looking forward to reaching. Our current plan is to head for a mountain range called the Grampians (we're passing into Victoria today), and then go for some walks along that national park.

Well, I'll leave it there. Hope everyone is well!


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