Sunday 3 April 2011

Days 46-53: Konnichiwa!

Location: Caboolture still
Country: Oz... still
Day number: 54... wow... it's quite a large number ain't it?
Mood: Thinking lots.

So... it's really been 8 days since I last posted. I do apologise, and I hope that everyone who was reading this has not abandoned me in droves. Fingers crossed this can satisfy your curious needs for another few days.

So, where shall I start? Most days are now the same. Strawberry planting. We often do about 5000 a day, sometimes spread over two farms. I have blisters all over my hands, extreme back pain and extreme aching all over. This is seriously hard work... at times we are slow, down to about 800 an hour, but at times we can push it up to 2000 an hour. We're earning about a hundred dollars a day these last few days, but rent is 140 and food is another 50.

Aya, Jerome and I have now been joined by a french girl named Cecile for our round Australia trip. The current plan is skydiving over the great barrier reef, some scuba diving and sailing and surfing up the east coast, and then up to Cairns. After that, we're driving along the north coast to Perth! What a journey it's going to be... We're leaving in three weeks, so my blog posting schedule will probably go out the window. I'll do my best though!

I've decided to try and get myself into shape a bit, so I'm planning on running every day, sit ups and crunches plus some press ups. Hopefully it'll build up some muscles on me! At the moment I weigh 57 kilos, and I can't decide whether I need to put on weight or lose some... well, I'm just eating when I'm hungry and avoiding the chocolate and coke! I can't really afford it, so that's helping to stop me buying it.

I'm starting to be reminded why I went travelling by myself in the first place... everyone back home will know how difficult it is to put up with me, and people here are learning it too. When I was travelling by myself, I just had to worry about me... it was nice. Well, the companionship is lovely I suppose. some amazing people here.

I also have a crush on the Japanese girl Aya... Jerome is trying to give me advice on it, which has led to many insults thrown between the two of us. Well, I'm planning on taking her out for a drink soon, as soon as we have an afternoon off. Watch this space.

What else is there to say? Life here can go from quiet to extreme excitement in almost no time at all! We've had a lot of crazy stuff happen around us, which keeps it interesting. Never a dull moment while travelling, even if we're staying still. From dogs next door dragging one of the chickens through the fence to play tug of war with it to our landlords brother drowning himself just the other day. Jerome and I have been driving ourselves to work, and I've discovered my clutch control has gone down the drain. I was quite upset with myself actually, luckily my amazing room mate was next to me reminding me I don't need to prove myself to anyone, and after I wasn't trying so hard it was better. I've let him drive since though, he is a better driver than me.

Lots of bitching behind other peoples backs here! Mainly the farmers, it's really tiring... I'm looking forward to when we leave it all behind. I just hope we have enough money to get through it all.

Finally for now, I'm learning Japanese, which is good. I've decided to add in Japan, China and Taiwan to my Asian countries to visit as I now have a lot more time on my hands. I might stay in Australia and work for another year though, as I can't work in Asia... or perhaps go through to Europe and try and work from the other side. Whatever I decide to do, I'm trying to learn as many languages as I can... I used to hate learning foreign languages in school, but now I really enjoy it. Isn't it funny how we change?

Well, I hope everyone back home is having an amazing time doing whatever they're doing,


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