Thursday 24 February 2011

Days 12 and 13: More Canberra

To start, you'll notice some adverts have appeared on the blog. I'm hoping to use these to help pay for my travels :) I hope they're not too annoying!

So, after my last post I headed off to Questacon. Very interesting and very clever place, has interactive and visual things for almost every area of science. I wish I had been able to visit it in Year 12 Physics! It was a shame I was by myself, a lot of the things there were designed for multiple people to do at the same time.

After Questacon, I headed back and was taken off to Unicycling by Mike, Cathy, Sam and Abi. First thing I did was fall off and hurt my wrist. Smooth eh? After about an hour though I could ride by myself for about 20 feet, which I was quite pleased with. The older guys said it was annoying us young ones could learn so quickly, but they were awesome at helping me learn.

Everyone here is very friendly... except the drivers. They all seem to be very angry, especially at cyclists. One guy almost hit me the other day after not looking while merging, and I braked so hard I went over the handlebars. I'm good at falling off bikes aren't I? Other than that though, everyone here is very cheerful and friendly.

One thing I noticed about Canberra was the lack of graffiti. I wasn't sure if that would spread across the country or whether it was localised to Melbourne. The latter is true it seems, but I'll reserve judgement until I hit Sydney.

It's hot here, not overly, but enough to give me a tan (and some nasty tan lines >.<). I'm, not used to cycling this much, at least it means I'm sleeping well... And on that note, I'm having a nasty allergic reaction to something around here. Not sure what it is, but my eyes are almost constantly itchy and I'm sniffing a lot. Anti Histamines seem to have no effect, which is frustrating, so I'm just trying to stay in areas where it doesn't affect me as much.

On Day 13, I went to the National Museum of Australia, read about the Aboriginals and saw some artwork and tools from the areas nearby. Wish I could have taken a picture, but taking pictures of the work is against Aboriginal customs.

So, nothing overly exciting to report I'm afraid. Today is day 14, which means I've been traveling for 2 weeks... scary huh? I've spent a little bit more than I wanted to, so am focusing on not spending right now. Still waiting for that visa so I can have my passport back.

Can't thank Mike and Cathy enough for letting me stay here, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I'll have some more exciting news to portray next post.

Hope everyone is well.



  1. Yeah, you'd have more money if you stopped using TAXIs...

  2. I only used a taxi once after being awake for 60 hours straight and needing to cross a strange city when it was dark outside. Do you really blame me?