Friday 18 February 2011

Day 7: Melbourne

Wow, where do I start? You'll notice to start that a bunch more pictures have appeared in the Picasa album. You can click it on the right hand side of this page to have a look at them.

To start, yesterday after my blog post, I went to watch a basketball game which John was in. My god, it's the same the world over, people just like to bitch! Bunch of old women, the lot of them. Just to explain and hopefully avoid more confusion, John is my mothers cousin, he's married to Julie (who is in hospital at the moment), and has three kids: Adam, Samantha and Murray. Just so I stop throwing out random names!

So, something curious, loads of single storey homes around here, like, tons. Not sure why, I've been told it's due to price or something. Lots of things seem expensive around here, but people don't seem to have all that much money... it doesn't seem like many people enjoy it around here. Maybe it'll be different up north or out west.

This morning I had a shock and a half. As I was taking my shower, I noticed a spider crawling up the side of the shower glass thing, and noted it had a big red spot on it's second half of body (you know what I mean). Mentioned it in passing later and had Kat explain it was a deadly poisonous Redback spider. Oh.

So, jumped on the train a bit later, this time headed into Melbourne instead of out of it. Looking at the graffiti again, there was some seriously good art mixed into the scrawls. Funny, there seems to be a lot of art around this area, some of it is really good too.

Arrived in Melbourne, and jumped onto the free city tram (see pictures). Headed around to the Melbourne Museum, and took some pictures of the stuff in there. As I ordered my ticket, the guy behind the counter asked if I was a student, and I told him I had no card. He put me down as one anyway, which means free entry! In return I told him all my plans for Australia and Asia and beyond... Saved me 8 bucks! A really interesting mind and body exhibition on at the moment in the Museum which I looked at. So, that killed a couple of hours, and then I ventured around the the Queen Victoria Markets.

My God. Such a place I have never seen before, except for in miniature in Lincoln. Hundreds of stalls all loaded with thousands of products. From fish to meat to vegetables to fruit. Back alleys and narrow passages led between the indoors and the outdoors, from sturdy shops to little stalls set up beneath a cloth roof. And, I did what I've always wanted to do: Buy and apple and a bun from the market. I felt like Tom Sawyer or something...

Proceeded to head towards China Town, but before I got there, spotted a dingy and rather tacky little oriental place. Originally heading in for soup, I saw a counter full of long pieces of sushi (see pictures). I picked three, Avacado, Salmon and a mixed one I think... they all had lots of stuff in 'em, including rice, and then loaded them with wasabi and soy sauce before wolfing them down. Stunningly good. All for... I think it was $6.60. That's Australian dollars. Not pounds. Maybe 3 pounds? Just over? I'm stuffed after just the three of them... wow could I do that every day.

Heading to the IMAX for a bit, to see TRON legacy in 3D. I hope it's good, I have 2 hours to kill before it starts, so I think I'll actually head down to Chinatown now. Fingers crossed I don't get enticed by more food and explode!

Will caption the pictures I've taken before I head off. Included a picture of me for all y'all who wanted one.

Hope everyone is well.


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